The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art

Type: Exhibition Catalogue The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art
Editor: Douglas DREISHPOON/Gao Minglu
Languages: English Chinese
Number Of Copies: 1
ISBN: 1-887457-05-4
Publisher: Albright-Knox Art Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
Publish Date: 2005
Gallery Collection: Yes
Page Num: 414
This is the catalogue of a travelling exhibition showcasing works by both established and young, under-exhibited artists from China (including Hong Kong). The texts explore from multiple perspectives the development of Chinese experimental art in the period 1985-2005. A chronology of Chinese conceptual art (1976-2004), a Bibliography on 20th century Chinese Art, and artist biographies are provided.
Artists: FENG Mengbo | LI Shan | WANG XINGWEI | WANG Youshen | YANG Fudong | ZHAO Bandi |
Exhibitions: 161.The Wall |