Modernites Chinoises

Type: Books Modernites Chinoises
Author: Christine Buci-Glucksmann
Editor: Jean-Mac Decrop
Languages: French
Number Of Copies: 2
ISBN: 88-8491-506-6
Publisher: Skira
Publish Date: 2003
Gallery Collection: Yes
Page Num: 191
Modernites Chinoises is a thematic and aesthetic journey through the last fifteen years of Chinese art. From dream to reality, from local to global, through all of Shanghai and Beijing's urban mutations, it further seeks to define a history of seeing in China, of its transparencies and its opacities... Covering 73 artists, the majority from China, but also including several artists who now based in the US and France, the book examines Chinese contemporary art from many vantage points...

A brief chronology of events related to Chinese avant-garde art, a selected bibliography of publications on contemporary Chinese art and an index of artists are provided in the back of the book.
Artists: FENG Mengbo | HU Jieming | LI Shan | XIANG Liqing | ZENG Fanzhi | ZHOU Tiehai | ZHAO Bandi | WANG Guangyi | YANG Fudong | YU Youhan |