China Art Now: Photograhpy by Marc Domage

Type: Books China Art Now: Photograhpy by Marc Domage
Author: Michel Nuridsany
Languages: English
Number Of Copies: 1
ISBN: 2-0803-0440-2
Publisher: Flammarion, Paris, France
Publish Date: 2004
Gallery Collection: Yes
Page Num: 264
This book is simultaneously published in French as L'art contemporain Chinois.

'The Cultural Revolution suppresed the creativity of the Chinese people for a generation, but following the death of Mao in 1976, Chinese artists immediately began making their mark on the international art scene. Never has interest in Chinese contemporary art been greater than it is now at galleries in London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and even Beijing. China Art Now examines the trends in the explosive generation of contemporary artists by visiting them where they live and work, in thirty fascinating studios on mainland China and in the US. In painting, sculpture, photography, and filmmaking spaces - this book highlights not only the artists' governing aesthetics, but also their everyday working life.' -

With artist biographies and a chronology of major events that took place in China from 1949 through 2004.
Artists: WANG Guangyi | DING Yi | ZHU Jia | YANG Fudong | YANG Zhenzhong | LIANG Yue | XU Zhen | ZHENG Guogu | KAN Xuan | FENG Mengbo |