The 1st Valencia Biennial: Communication between the Arts

Type: Exhibition Catalogue The 1st Valencia Biennial: Communication between the Arts
Editor: Blanco ANO/Luis Maria ANSON/Achille BONITO OLIVA
Languages: English
Number Of Copies: 1
Publisher: Generalitat Valenciana, Spain
Publish Date: 2001
Gallery Collection: Yes
Page Num: 475
Acoording to Luigi Settembrini, the Valencia Biennial is the first Biennial dedicated to communication between the arts. It is an attempt to reflect the dialogues and interaction established between the various disciplines of contemporary culture, such as visual art, fashion, cinema, photography, music, theatre, architecture, design, dance, literature, and advertising. By putting the emphasis on communication, rather than on individual artistic disciplines, room will be made for the mental openness, capability and creative resources of the different participants. Images of works are accompanied by short articles and interviews. The catalogue also comes with a CD with music from the Fanfare show.
Artists: XU Zhen | YANG Fudong | YANG Zhenzhong |
Exhibitions: 117.The First Valencia Biennale |