West Bund Art & Design 2019
2019-11-07 16:34

Yang Fudong, Beyond GOD and Evil - Enemies of Truth, 2019

Beyond GOD and Evil - Enemies of Truth are two dialectical quotations from the German philosopher Nietzsche's classics. Yang Fudong combines the two terms into one as the title for his latest series of work. The selected quotes accordingly juxtapose with the unseen photographs under the black glass, which forms a vague and distinct visual perception. The bright image with photos looms in the shadow of the black glass, which results in constructing the crucial narrative voice-over by the mirror reflection of the audience. Every interfered photograph captured in the contemporary context that intertwines with the filming scene of the ancient Song dynasty. The associated Nietzsche's quotation reflects the discussion about "humanity, desire and society" from various angles of perspectives.

Beyond GOD and Evil - Enemies of Truth extends from Beyond GOD and Evil series, selects photos from Dawn Breaking - A Museum Film Project. The new series deepens the practical significance of Nietzsche's quotations which the only script adopted during the filming. In early 2018, Yang Fudong finished the shooting of "Dawn Breaking - A Museum Film Project" in Long Museum (Westbund) Shanghai. He unfolds the process of filming as the presentation of the exhibition and the original artwork in the museum. He endeavours to break the way we see films and exhibitions as well as relations between artist and audience. The project will be continuously developing. The process is the film.

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