HU Jieming
Photograph | B&W chromogenic print
Edition of 3
code: HJM_1833

This work starts with my ideas about the relationship between the urban space and individuals which runs along with time and memory. The scenes in the work are not chosen at random. The first image refers to an integrated vision with history, reality and a visual extension, which passes through different historical stages. The second is, at a certain visual height, looking down and examining what’s over there. The third focuses on the character. I hope the person is connected with me, as a factor which stands for continuity. I quite enjoyed standing at the roof top and looking down aimlessly. That kind of memory drives me to make this work and place my son at the place where I should be. What I see behind this scene: my son, standing on a roof of colonial architecture, overlooks the construction site, the glass curtained wall, the Huangpu River, streets, vehicles etc.(Hu Jieming)

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