YANG Fudong
Jiaer's Livestock (jia er de sheng kou)
14 minutes
Video | Multi-channel video | Installation
2-channel video installation, 8 monitors, 2 suitcases with old books
Edition of 3
code: YFDv10

sound by Miya Dudu, finished 2005, wide screen 16:9, synchronized, needs carpets (dark grey)
Jiaers’ Lifestock
In two separate spaces two almost identical cinematic narratives unfold. Because of the wall separating them, we can not compare the two, and must call on our memory. Both spaces also contain a glass display cabinet with a suitcase full of books and neckties, and four small video monitors in it. The tangible objects and the monitors appear to connect with the large projections on the wall. (stedeliijk)

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